Artist: Black Angel

New Release: “It’s You”

Genre: Classic Rock
Located in: : San Francisco Bay Area, California

This song features background singers Micki Morris and Denise Patterson who were backup singers for Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers.

Black Angel Singer / Songwriter J.C. Martin has written songs in many genres including Country. His main influence and the main influence of Black Angel is The Rolling Stones. This song shows the diversity of Black Angel to adapt to many different styles of music, and the singing/songwriting talents of J.C.Martin.

Black Angel has just finished recording a new album Called Lady Trumpinstein, which the title song is about an affair between a female Trump supporter and a Bernie supporter. It also includes a cover of the famous Sinal Tap hit “Big Bottom”

Artists Bio.. 

Black Angel started in Santa Barbara, Ca. led by J.C.Martin on vocals and guitars, with Audrey Turner (Ike Turner’s wife after Tina) also on vocals and Ronnie Turner (Ike and Tina’s son) on bass. Black Angel has relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and has played hundreds of shows with a new lineup of talented musicians. All music was written by J.C. Martin.

‘It’s You” from the album O’ LOS ANGELES by Black Angel on Spotify (also on SoundCloud)
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