Welcome October, we have just filled your Pumpkin with fresh new music picks. The weather might be getting chilly and the leaves changing color but that’s certainly no distraction for indie artists racing to get their latest single to press.

Here’s what we discovered this week.


Featured Artists:

Goody Grace – Hold Me In The Moonlight

Singer-songwriter-producer Goody Grace has returned with a new single, “Hold Me In The Moonlight,” that’s feeding out craving for an upbeat love song.


Bryce Vine – ‘Miss you a little’

Lovelytheband has found a new collaborator in Bryce Vine on a hot new single about “what we all go through in the aftermath of breaking up.”  On Miss you a little, “It’s that period of romanticizing the past through rose-colored glasses, but the reality of it is that maybe some of those memories weren’t all we thought they were,” Vine Says. 


Jules Schroeder – River 

Jules Schroeder is an artist and songwriter from Boulder, Colorado, whose voice is filled with the kind of vocal gold that inspired listeners to become more than they ever thought they could be. Her words illuminate life struggles with spiritual guidance that comforts the soul. ‘River’ is a memorable song that talks about realizing how important it is to have a dream that’s important to you instead of a path that has captured you for all the wrong reasons. The song encourages you to make changes and tackle your struggles by purging the old and finding a dream that truly fits you. It’s only through taking that brave plunge will you find your path forward.  

Review by Jacqueline Jax 

Music Curator / Radio Host for AVA Live Radio 

Indigo fm : ‘Daffodil’

‘Daffodil’ is probably our favorite song thus far because of its hopeful yet simple message about personal growth relating to the cycles of nature always reminding you that… 

“No matter what you might be going through in your life, this too shall pass.”

Julius Ice – Mine

“Jullius is making a name for himself in Canada with his unique presence. His vibes are both interesting and unique pulling from relatable content based on human emotions. His latest Album entitled “A Horrible Human” includes banging singles like ‘Facts/Love Lies’, ‘Mine’ and ‘The Warm Up’. “


Artist: Njordlyd

New Release: Perception

Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo: Soundscapes: Drone; Meditating; Chill Out; Experimental

Njordlyd Perception is a sensory experience where the “something” can be anything