Every morning, the messed-up world asks: can you take this cacophony?

When it does, it helps to have a little backup. On this, the third single from the new record, Greg Hoy, whose latest pop-rock album is a delightful blurt of insolence, has always been able to rely on the encouragement of his talented friends. Recording the 11 songs that makeup ‘Cacophony 1 and 2’ has been a steam valve to relieve the pressure.

Before long, everything is in motion, especially the singer. Just like the rest of us, he’s been floored by this past year as it’s been. But he knows he can take it – and he knows you can, too.

This year has been an endurance test. We’ve all seen so many challenges; it’s a miracle we’re still upright. Somehow, even as the planet burns around us, we keep on answering the bell.

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About the Artist… 

Greg Hoy is many things. He’s a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, a recording producer, a recording engineer, a marketing guru, a jingle and sound composer and producer, and a ‘people engineer’ in the tech world, an art director, and a label owner. But when you boil it all down — he’s really just a guy in a band. 

“Music is in everything I do. Helping companies hiring people is just like putting a band together. I’ve been fortunate that both sides of my brain work in tandem,” the California-based artist says with a good-natured laugh. 

When you do more, you do more. So, maybe, it’s the collective inertia of all his projects that propels Greg’s prolific output? Somehow, between wearing so many hats — including tirelessly touring the nation in a vintage Airstream on the Limited Mileage tour throughout 2019 — he made time to write and a refreshingly eclectic record, 22-song double-vinyl self-titled concept album released as the self-titled Greg Hoy & The Boys. And during the pandemic, he managed to become a father and write and release 11 songs for the new album ‘Cacophony’. 

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Greg Hoy ‘Cacophony’ is a steam valve to relieve the pressure 

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