Genre: Rock

Located in: : San Jose, CA

This song is…
about two halves of a similar trend. The first half is about the present state of Social Media-powered status. Anyone can become a cult of personality. The aim of many is to gain as many followers and likes, through whatever means, as possible. Those with the most fans on Facebook and Instagram hold the most power and influence. There are numerous examples of this, but, you don’t need to look very hard for evidence – we have a Reality TV host for a President after all. The second half, that’s up to you to figure out.

The music we are creating is…
 our attempt to put together what we love about music and what we love in a song. What we shoot for is music that is catchy (sometimes we’re more successful than others); it has some meaning to it; It’s melodic; It’s dramatic. Is it good? We really hope you think so. Or at least find it entertaining.

Right now we are…
filming three music videos, planning a mini-tour, and finishing the recording of our full-length album for release next year.