Genre: Rock – sub genre : Pop Rock

Located in: : Sugar Land, Texas

This song is…
“Without You” is a love song, about lost love and the after math of separation, and being unable to deal with the loss … the yearning, the longing and the hopelessness. Musical undertone : a very expressive guitar capturing emotion and almost shedding tears. Musical influences : Ritchie Blackmore, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore. Instrumentation : All music played by Rog Blazer – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and drums / drum programming. Significance : everybody has at one point lost out on what could have been true love, everybody has had heartache and pain in love / romance. The listener will easily be able to relate to their own experiences and lost opportunities

The music we are creating is…
This album has been a work of passion and the artists have worked tirelessly in every aspect, of its creation. In a journey that took two years of single minded focus. We believe each and every track on this album has something for everyone and should be heard. It is easily relatable and the music is very diverse and encompasses many styles from Blues, Rock to Pop Rock to Hard Rock.

Right now we are…
We have just released a music video – We had a successful album launch on the 20th of October, where we performed to a large crowd. We planning several gigs in the Houston/ Dallas and Austin area.