Oladokun’s new song, “Fortune Favors The Bold” featuring special guest Tim Gent is an anthem for the youth of today. Joy is a songwriter, a sensitive stoner, currently trying to amass a pretty impressive arsenal of Pokémon on my nintendo switch.

I” live in Nashville with my girlfriend and my dog. I make most of these songs in a studio on the second floor of the house we share and they’re all about life as I learn to live it. I hope these songs help you the way they help me in writing them. I have a new album out called ‘In defense of my own happiness’…you should listen to it.

Oladokun shares, “We wrote this song as a sort of way to imagine a world where victims are heard and addictions are met with compassion. Natalie, Jeremy and I all felt that the most powerful people we’ve encountered in our lives were also the most compassionate. This song is both a celebration of those people and a way of hoping that the influence of kindness and care continues to spread until this world is a radically different place.”

Written by Oladokun, Jeremy Lutito and Natalie Hemby (Lady Gaga, The Highwomen, Kacey Musgraves), “Fortune Favors The Bold” follows last month’s release, “Keeping The Light On,” as well as Oladokun’s breakthrough major label debut, in defense of my own happiness (Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records-stream/purchase here).