After spending years in stars’ touring bands, Federico Vindver decided to focus on production. His name was all over ‘Jesus Is King’ and ‘Everyday Life’.

When Kanye West released Jesus Is King at the end of October, there was only one musician credited on ten different tracks other than West himself: The Argentine-born, jazz-trained pianist Federico Vindver. Roughly a month later, Coldplay put out a new double album, Everyday Life, and there was Vindver again, producing and writing on four more tracks.

Back-to-back appearances on two commercial blockbusters — West’s album debuted at Number One in the U.S.; Coldplay’s at Number One in the U.K. — marked a breakout moment for the writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Vindver has spent most of his career in more anonymous settings, anchoring touring bands for acts like Lauryn Hill and Marc Anthony. Now he’s proving remarkably malleable in the studio, moving easily from slow-drip flirtation (Mariah Carey) to holy hip-hop (West), from barbershop quartet ballads (Missy Elliott) to driving Eighties throwbacks (Zayn), from universal-balm pop (Coldplay) to pummeling, pugnacious rap (Tee Grizzley).