London-based beatmaker, singer, and songwriter Perle Vybz transmits her eclectic taste for music into energetic and pulsating electronic dance and hip-hop instrumental beats. From the moment Perle Vybz laid her first track, she has been addicted to beat-making and believes that the most straightforward tools can create good sound.


 ‘Electric Dancefloor’ by Perle Vybz is layered with Pure Energy

Indie Music Spin
“I love the music and find you very creative. You’re vibes were very soothing and much welcomed on a hard day of stress. Thanks for the wonderful moment. I will be posting a feature on your music today.”

-Jaskaran Rana of EDM Hunters Review:
The song has some fun tribal sounds and I like the artist very much. The only issue I have with this single is it doesn’t quite take off too well. Something for you to think about moving forward. But I will keep my eye on you for the future. Good luck”.