New Release: SHAMANIA

Genre: electronic, indie pop

Sounds like: : Ekat Bork, Fever Ray , Bjork, Prodigy, Florence and Machine , Me, I don’t know.

Located in: : Capolago, Ticino, Switzerland

 “SHAMANIA” , the first single from the upcoming album “EKAT’ by EKAT BORK.  A poem on our obsession with the virtual world, the product of corporate imaginations in place of our own. It’s a staccato strafing of the on-line universe, a subscription lifestyle of vapid alternatives to real life. SHAMANIA it’s a plea to the world to step away from your smartphone, your tablet, your X-box, to leave your popcorn life in the Grand Illyuzion.


There are 9 tracks on the album. ‘EKAT’ was born, written between the Swiss Alps and a little house in front of the ocean in Portugal. I prefer that others define my music. The music I make is not always the same genre, it evolves with nuances of styles and is difficult for me to classify it.

I don’t want to define it to much I prefer feel free to do what I wish to do at that precise moment. I do what it comes in my mind and I do it spontaneously I don’t follow a line or patterns and at the end what comes out will be what I am or something that characterizes me. If you are sincere and do not compromise it will be easier to do something true and original. It will take maybe longer to be recognized but it’s worth it.

The new album “Ekat” represents very well what I love to do today and they say that it will be a bit more indie electro pop oriented and a little less alternative than my previous two albums and the last ep.

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