SLIPPY’s (aka Alex Swartwout) signature sound can best be described as a riveting hybrid of genres with dark, sinister, orchestral-influenced undertones. Many of Swartwout’s originals lure listeners in with rich atmospheres and eerie melodies, but quickly shift things into high gear with fiery, energetic bass drops.

Growing his fan base in Florida, Slippy began releasing music with Monstercat in 2015 and has quickly grown to become a widely-recognized figure in the bass music scene, known for his distinguished take on trap and dubstep, alongside other styles.

His latest single, “Free” does not disappoint. Creatively the single layers up with elements of dreamy synths and spacy reverb swirling together in a cosmic soup that only a laser light show could accurately portray.

This sure gives us all something to look forward to when Covid is over and raves open up again.

Twitter: @slippy_music


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