“Drive-In” by EMO Rock Band Good Terms is a disheartened, modern, and high-energy emo banger about being on the receiving end of someone else’s indecision. It’s the first sign of healing on a fresh wound after dealing with the loss of what could have been.

Good Terms is your friendly neighbourhood emo band. After years of working behind-the-scenes in the music industry, this group of best friends finally joined forces to get back to the roots of what made them first fall in love with music. The Los Angeles based quartet embraces the D.I.Y. spirit of the scene they grew up in by recording, producing, and mixing all of their music. Good Terms maintains a diverse sonic palette that spans from anthemic emo pop to blistering double time hardcore, with a sprinkle of everything you know and love from the Warped Tour Universe. Good Terms invites you to become a part of their community and participate in the catharsis they’ve found together.