“Dreaming with Me” is about how the magic of inspiration can start with one person. It brings out a sense of motivation, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person. This song is also a great reminder to all of us that an individual can make an impression on the world.

The music video centers around, a young man with red headphones that has a powerful sense of confidence and a desire for inclusivity towards those around him. His demeanor attracts many who want to follow his lead. This demonstrates the influence a single person can have by leading by example. 

His red headphones are a visual representation of what makes him unique, but it means something more profound. The headphones represent the spark of individuality that each person carries, and that spark has the remarkable power to inspire those around him.

Music is magic. 

It can cement the relationship between people because of similar tastes, but it also works as a unifying agent because it is the closest thing to our hearts and souls. 

We are all music fans here in my family. My husband might be the biggest music fan I know, while my daughters love and support all kinds of music. I like to think that my music career has contributed to my family life. I know my career alone has brought together all sides of our families. It also recently allowed a very close long-time family friend’s sister and daughters to heal from her mother’s death. Music is powerful.