I think we all spend a lifetime trying to find our match in life. Everything wants to feel like they have their person who really gets them. Finding that person isn’t always easy but when you do, you hold on tight and never let go. That’s what ‘This Moment’ is all about.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt
New Release: This Moment

Music Genre: Singer/songwriter
Vibe:  Mellow/Relaxing
Located in: Sidney Nebraska USA
Sounds like:  Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Tom Petty

Throughout our lives, young and old, we all have our trials and our crosses to bear. We all have that common thread. We often don’t know what others’ burdens are, however. At some point in all lives we pray for that moment when things become clear and our lives can experience true happiness and freedom.

The desire to master a musical instrument started for all of us back in our schooldays. After all these years we understand we never really master anything fully, but you come to an understanding of what you are capable of. Our inspiration comes from each other I suppose, and everything else we experience in life. I think in our early years mostly we were inspired by other music, but today everything that life throws at you becomes an inspiration. The most important thing is to understand and accept what God has given to you, learn to listen to that, and then move forward with the heart and soul in mind.

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