The word “Morphine” symbolizes the feelings of healing and relief that I found in this past love. The song was initially supposed to be included in my debut E.P “hearts alive”; however, I decided to team up with my good friends Ash Ruiz (formally of Menudo) & Jack Dugan, a local electronic musician. They helped me get clear on my vision, and my guitar and vocals added vocal harmonies, drums, synth to help make the song feel both more melodic and haunting. Interestingly enough, we even structured the song to have a peak, comedown, and fade out, mimicking the effects of a drug.

This music release is essential to me because I’ve been experimenting stylistically a lot lately. I feel that an artist must have range; I enjoyed the folk and soul backbone of my E.P Hearts Alive 

I’ve recently been dabbling in jazz, electronic, and blues a lot. When it comes to influences, there is a wide range of musicians, old and new, crucial in my development as an artist. Hozier, Damien Rice, James Blake, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Simon & Garfunkel, Gary Clark JR, Ben Howard & Bon Iver, and most recently Tom Misch & Mac Ayres.

The message of this song is that although the places that our lives take us can often be rugged and discouraging, we aren’t ever truly alone. We can still find healing in connection with the ones we love.

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As a Boulder-based singer-songwriter, my style is a blend of rock, folk, blues, & soul. Music has always been a deep part of my soul. I focused more on honing my craft as a guitarist and when I was young I had a lot of blues and rock in my ears.