Popichil`O – Fallin
Genre : HipHop

Born and raised in Chicago, classic hip hop infused with R&B. Rapper, songwriter, video director, producer and actor, Popichil`O is the artist of his decade. Creating is his drug of choice and creating atmosphere from music to the visual experience is the main focus of his work.

Music Is Life So Breathe With Me.
I am an artist in every sense of the word and have been my entire life.

I began writing poetry at a young age which eventually progressed into writing actual songs as a way to express myself creatively. It became a necessary outlet in order for me to understand and process certain thoughts and emotions I was feeling or going threw at any given time in my life. The good, bad and the ugly. It became therapeutic in a sense. Music allowed me to lose myself and find myself at the sametime. I love music its a passion of mine and it inspires me everyday. Music is how emotions sound and you can hear it all around. I believe you have to manifest your ideas and have a passion for what you do to be “successful” even if no one else believes in you. Your value doesn’t decrease based on Someone’s inability to see your worth. Know Your Worth.. I am currently working on my first solo album which is untitled at the moment. I have a few more songs to record and I’ll be done. I’m really excited about this upcoming project its been along time coming. I Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to Listen. Like, Share or Comment on my music. [Follow Your Dreams It Is What It Seems] *This Is Rhythmatic Soul Where The Mind Is In Control* Value every moment of your life. Live, Love, Laugh and Appreciate Your Past. No one is promised Another Day or Night. So enjoy Your Life before you take that Fight. Music gave me a purpose to live when I couldn’t find any. It gave me worth when I felt worthless🙌 https://soundcloud.com/reallyfe-muzic/falling-rev2

My music is…
real life, real thoughts, real emotions just real