Artist: Chanidu

New Release: Make a better world

Genre: folk pop rock

Sounds like: : Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, Peter Tosh, Drake.

Located in: : Edison, New Jersey USA

‘Make a better world’ is about developing affiliation and affinity towards others who do not have the same privileges as you do. Treating people the right way you will want to be treated. Caring for and making appropriate changes that can provide a good environment for everyone in the world.

The music we are creating is…

I am always magnetized to this love ambition which I think no one can find unless they have it in their heart. It must be real, cannot be exploited or taken advantage of. When the world starts thinking in the same direction of purpose, the world will be close to achieving happiness and then peace.

I do this because…

Songwriting is within you and it is surrounded by influences gathered from those you listened to and admired. Today’s love and hate can be expressed with music. Feelings can also be expressed in terms of empathy or observation. Having the ability to do this anytime, any day is awesome.

Right now we are…

I would appreciate it if people can take the time to listen to all the songs on my current album and leave comments. I will be back in the studios in the first week of October to start recording a single.

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