Upon the release of his full-length album, Cruel World, CEEM takes us through his tragic story telling the tale of a terrorist attack that inspired his latest music project. 

The main theme of Cruel World is a moody and brooding blend of pop and electronica, and as an artist, the project was inspired by so many losses from 2016.

‘Remedy’ is a sequel to another song I wrote called ‘Unbreakable’. I wrote Unbreakable in response to living through the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice France on Bastille day. I’m not trying to market any sort of tragedy, so let’s get that out of the way real quick, I wrote ‘Unbreakable’ because I came back from that trip feeling shattered and confused, and writing ‘Unbreakable’ helped put me back together. 

Listen to the album here

Artist: CEEM

New Release: Unbreakable

Genre: Electro Pop

Sounds like: Black Coffee

Located in: Seattle, Washington

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