The Video: Cara-Mel – Back To The Grind (Radio Mix)

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HipHop artist Cara-Mel  aimes her new production “Back To The Grind” at creating an intense commentary about real American problems. With political references and a powerful nod to what real hustle means, the artist is quickly positioning herself as an authentic storyteller of this new music generation.  

Cara-mel is aiming to encourage her listener to face real problems in our society while expressing the chaos she experiences and observes all around her. You’ll find her music to be intense, dramatic, political american hiphop covering topics surrounding the hustle and grind.

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Notes from the artist:
Though my genre of music is categorized as Hip Hop/Rap; my creation as a musician goes beyond that. My goal is to be a voice for the people, while at the same time making great quality music. I want music lovers across the globe to feel empowered and/or place a smile on their face when they listen to my musical content. Communities are getting tired and frustrated with the police, government, financial instability, and lack of employment opportunities and these are the people that I am reaching out to. We the people are tired of the norm and ready for a change!
“Back To The Grind” is significant because it is the first full song I wrote and recorded after getting a clean bill of health from my doctors. In fact, it was after I finished recording this song I had decided to work on the mixtape “Racial Profile.” I like to say it set the stage for the type of artistic brand that I immediately embraced. Sure I can come out and rap about nonchalant things and not care what comes out of my mouth, but I feel I was given a second chance with my music and I choose to use it for purpose.


“Back To The Grind” is the official single that kicked off the two month creation of the debut mixtape “Racial Profile.”


The debut mixtape “Racial Profile,” was released on 9/22/16 and consist of eight tracks that is a blend of Hip Hop and Trap elements that focus on minority struggles and the economic imbalances going on in America. The link to review this mixtape is here:

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