Artist: Can2
Single: ‘My Truth’

Genre: HipHop
Born Robert Cantu on November 5, 1980. From humble beginnings Can2 was the youngest of five children in Lubbock Texas. Can2 is a Hip-hop/Rap artist, songwriter, and entertainer. In his formative years Can2 developed a thirst for knowledge, writing, and poetry. These three gifts along with a strong belief in God serve as the cornerstones on which he is building the most impressive music career ever erected. Can2 believes “music is the language of the soul” and goes on to say “If I can reach one person the way I was reached when I was lost I am a success.”

This music is a window into my own experiences. I know the power of music and its ability to evoke emotion. I want to be able to relate to my listeners on a personal level.