Artist: Alan Garmonsway
Single : Our Different Ways

Genre: Indie Pop / Singer Songwriter

I read a newspaper article about a professional and well-regarded medic who, through a series of unfortunate events, ended up on the London streets. That made me think a lot, as I could see some parallels with what I was experiencing at the time, although I had a roof over my head.

The song ‘Our Different Ways’ just tumbled out one evening, I think partially as therapy and partially to warn myself to get my act together. I’d like to think writing and recording it helped get me back focused and sorting things out. I hope the same happened for the medic, who I called ‘Dave’ in the song. As the chorus says, ‘He relied too much on emotion, wore his heart out on his sleeve; It all ends in commotion, and then he’ll have to leave; But I guess that we all have our different ways.’

As I developed the lyric video for the song, I found photographs of ‘Daves’ from all over the world, so although initially about a London experience, it could really be any town or city.

City Canvas My ‘City Canvas’ ep follows some of the highs and lows of my life, many of which have involved relationships and linked with certain cities in the UK and US. Each of the six songs on the ep was the result of a particular story in my life, so putting the ep together felt a bit like painting an emotional picture of myself on canvas, hence its title.

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