Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: The Dreamer

Genre: Soul

Located in: Colorado and Nebraska USA

Dreams and procrastination. Funny how we would like to do certain things, but not bad enough to put the work into them to make them happen. Taking the easier softer road always leads to nothing getting done. And doing nothing is… just a dream.

We have so much music we want to share with everyone willing to listen. Decades in the making we are now dedicated to fulfilling our mission.

Our newest single Dancing Shoes is officially dropped 8/23/2019. Our next single Thankful will be out 8/20/2019. The ‘Dancing Shoes’ album will go out on 10-1-2019 with a few more singles in between. We are so grateful for all those involved in helping us get the music out there and to all the people who listen and enjoy it.