A testament to the notion that it’s never too late. Age is just a number. If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make your dreams your reality.

“6 Speed Supernova is not only a very cohesive team of musicians,  they also manage to balance different influences when they create music while still maintaining that 6 Speed Supernova signature style. There is spirit and energy I feel every time I sit down and speak with them but even more magical is what I hear in their music. Bassist Joan Torres has brought his love of Jazz rhythms into the group and in turn, 6 Speed Supernova has created a fresh new single called Groovy Stars, proving yet again that the band is capable of growth and flexibility. I’ve enjoyed walking within their musical journey so far this year and I look forward to more surprises ahead.” 

Jacqueline Jax : Host of AVA Live Radio 

The music we are creating is…
a rock and roll explosion infused with flavors of jazz, punk, blues, metal and a little bit of this and that sprinkled in between. It is said that music in the soul can be heard in the universe. 6 Speed Supernova’s galactic compositions will expand your mind, tug on your heart strings and throw you tumbling into the cosmos.

Right now we are…
etting ready to go back into the studio to record our album in October. We will be taking a mini Southern CA tour in December and will be opening for Steven Adler of Guns ‘N Roses.


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