Cabela and Schmitt has been very effective in building their audience through consistency. The songwriting team makes music for the heart and mind attracting a wide range of listeners to their multi-topic Spotify Music inventory.

We are celebrating the success of their singles.

New Release: Burnin’ Love (New version)

Cabela and Schmitt makes music for the heart and mind. We like to think of ourselves as an inspirational classic rock alternative to the mainstream monotony. BURNIN’ LOVE is about the love of my life, who I have been married to for over 40 years. I still have that sparkle in my eye and the tingle in my bones for her. The song will speak for itself.

Cabela and Schmitt  ‘So We Get Through’ is all about building trust

We can speak and try to convince people to trust, but the absolute way to build trust is to show it.

Cabela and Schmitt Reflect on a series of past memories on New Single ‘You’re My Dad’

Cabela and Schmitt Encourages us to make the world ‘A Better Place’ by caring: It’s a fabulous expression of caring for humanity and the greater good by letting go of your anger and personal issues to make the world a better place.