Artist: BlindSide Thunder

New Release: Bring Me To My Knees

Genre: Rock, Rebel Rock

Sounds like: : Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, ZZ Top, etc.

Located in: : Providence, RI USA

Bring Me To My Knees has a straight forward 80’s rock feel. The song is about uncertainty and questioning things that are delivered to you as fact. It has a religious overtone to it, but it’s really about ‘who do you believe?’ Are your parents right? The Church? Your politicians? People naturally question things, especially today. We think it’s OK to question things.

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BlindSide Thunder is the original Rebel Rock band. Bring Me To My Knees is a track from our latest CD, Unchained.

Right now BST is writing new material to be released in 2020. We have all new merchandise being developed to be introduced with the new material, possibly for the 2019 holidays! We are looking at some tour dates for 2020 also, to conclude with a real Rebel Rock bang in Providence, RI

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Twitter @BlindSideT
Instagram @blindsidethunderofficial