The Single, Song 60, has been a long time project, constructed over the past 10 years and finally completed and recorded in the summer of 2020 at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle.

Song 60 attempts to visualize the self- perception I would have during my last day on earth. It explores the thought process of justifying or regretting decisions made throughout the course of a life time. Song 60 is the last song he writes, a ‘looking back on life’ story that everyone will some day experience and this was how I imagined my own self reflection on judgement day.

Located in: : Seattle, Washington

Black and White TV consists of Henry Reed, Zane Hauck, and Tom Connolly. Henry Reed and Zane Hauck started writing music together at Belmont University in 2006. In the Summer of 2020, they decided to record three songs as a part of a long inspired music trilogy. They discovered Tom Connolly in Seattle to be the lead vocalist for Black + White TV through online outreach. Their passion stems from storytelling through alternative rock music and has grown up with Alkaline Trio’s influences, Third Eye Blind, Green Day, and Blink 182. Henry Reed on drums and guitar, Zane Hauck as the songwriter and guitar, Tom Connolly as the lead vocals and guitar.