Beach Bunny is back with their new single, “Karaoke”!

From the first time she took the stage at a small show in her hometown, Trifilio has been drawing crowds with her candid lyrics and energetic performances. In fact, she’s not just a songwriter — she’s an artist whose music will inspire you to believe in yourself and chase your dreams.

Trifilio writes candidly about personal struggles and teenage insecurities that are timelessly relatable, and her bandmates bring the revved up flair that makes otherwise simple power-pop feel so energetic and polished. From day one, Beach Bunny has captured the everyday joy, misery, and awkwardness of youth — particularly that of your average teenager — with surprising grace. Her songs are confessional without the usual melodrama, honest without the accompanying cringe, level-headed without getting preachy. 

Her lyrics will make her a favorite songwriter of 2022.

For those of you who have been waiting, the time has come. Beach Bunny’s new single “Karaoke” is out and ready to be sung by anyone who wants to let it all out on the mic. This sun-soaked guitar pop jam will hit you in the feels as soon as you hear it—it’s an instant earworm. 

The lyrics navigate the sweet nuances of a crush in its early stages, oh the days of summer romance. Those fleeting moments when you understand just enough about someone to feel that sense of overwhelming attraction while still maintaining a sense of playful mystery. To be young again. 

Beach Bunny is the essence of youth. The song is about infatuation, fleeting feelings, and the bittersweet nature of uncertainty. It’s about discovering little pieces of who someone is and liking them before even knowing the whole story.

When you are young and infatuated with a new love, the romantic mystery phase is exciting and Beach Bunny brings us all back to that moment. 

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