“Repressed” is the main track from the artists Njordlyd ambient album, “Getting Closer”. It starts with a set of sampled train sounds, resembling the start of a journey.

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t starts with a set of sampled train sounds, resembling the start of a journey. A trip down memory lane, searching for the “why”. Why do I have this strong emotional feeling for the original track. A journey searching for “something”, is there something repressed, am I holding back something? Is there something holding me back from revealing, what it is? Is it emotions at all, or does the music, that specific part of the music, just touch something in me a certain way? As mentioned in the story for the original track, it’s weird, or at least, to me it feels weird, however that is just how I feel about it. Extremely emotional. However, I have come to the conclusion, that it’s okay not to know or understand why. This alternative version is slightly shorter and softer, more minimal and has a more gritty and mechanical side to it. As always, I let you, the listeners, “take the journey same journey” and perceive it they way you hear and / or see it. For more information about the story for the original track “Subconsciously”, please click this link .

The Album…

When creating “Getting Closer” I was inspired by KLFs “Chill Out” album and Burials latest release “Antidawn”. Both albums also contains an extensive selection of samples. I have always been fascinated by the endless possibilities that sampled, stretched and pitched sounds provides (especially in combination with field recordings). The field recordings plays an important role on this album. It gives all the tracks a sort of lively feeling and provides many distinctive soundscapes. Moving vehicles such as trains, trams, metros and cars (amongst others). Water dripping, rain falling, braking waves and birds pitched beyond recognition. I am fully aware that there is not a lot new to this, that it has been used many times before. I just find it amazing how these type of samples and sounds can be used to blend into “something”  like this, how a sample of e.g. a train approaching or leaving, can sound like a filtered synth sound.

The album title “Getting Closer” is simply a reference to getting closer to how I want to create music (way of working) and what kind of music (style). I hope this “collection” of tracks and soundscapes will bring you as much pleasure as it was for me to make it. I cannot remember having enjoyed making music as much as with this album and the forthcoming EP “Correlations” .

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