If people remember anything about us, we want them to remember that we were the very best of friends. That and that we aren’t afraid to be emo, experimental, or to put pineapple on our pizza.

We love each other and we also really love performing live. In the time we’ve been a band, we’ve been fortunate to have some great friends supporting us and singing along at shows. There’s really no better feeling than looking out into the crowd and seeing someone singing along or totally caught up in the song you’re playing. It’s almost like an out of body experience sometimes. ‘ Kera Krause

Kera Krause – Vocal/ Electric Ukulele
Ethan Schrupp – Guitar/ Vocals
Tyson Zarria – Bass Guitar/ Vocals
Zach Melvin – Drums/ Vocals

Who have been the most influential in your music and why..
Tyson would definitely say ‘My Chemical Romance’ and that band was definitely an influence on all of us. We grew up in the age of blooming indie and emo music. Kera listened to a lot of The Used, The Killers and even Avril Lavigne. Miles Davis was big inspiration for Ethan. Zach was heavily inspired by Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Rich.

Song name: Episodes
Music Genre: Alternative/Emo Rock

“Episodes” is a very introspective song. It seems at times to be talking about and exploring very negative character aspects, while the guitar leads just scream. But overall this song is about a desire to “know what up feels like” and return to a more positive state of mind.


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