New Release: Westside

Westside is a reminder to dig deep even when you’re feeling rock bottom to work the grind.

This song is a call out in recognition of the people who are struggling to pursue something that feeds your soul in the face of a demand to pursue a defunct American dream.

Artist: William Brothers Shipping Company

New Release: Westside

Genre: Folk Rock

Located in: Los Angeles, CA

-People are looking for music to connect with, the music business today is exciting because now even more than ever, the bedroom closet artist can be a contender. Even though big artists may come out in the future with “bedroom quarantine” albums, they won’t have quite the same connection anymore to their audience. It’s by the people for the people moving forward. What can we say, we have a soft spot for grassroots. 

-The music we’re creating is an exploration and storytelling of the new American experience of a generation facing the shifting times. We’re all wondering what a world post-pandemic looks like, we still have an election to go through, and the threat of climate change is hanging over our heads. We’re experiencing a whole new level of our relationship in lockdown, as creative partners and just as two people trying to get through this crazy life together. Our music is our way of digging through all those emotions. These songs reflect a lot of that. 

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