Enemy by John Gallen

The latest single ENEMY, from the No.1 Independent and No.5 Official Ireland album 1970s by JOHN GALLEN.  John represents the four warring governments of Libya at the United Nations and the EU, where he’s attempting to some sanctions lifted for humanitarian aid.  He had a very uncomfortable sit down with a Libyan Warlord, and this is his take on the experience.  Hope you enjoy it!  We are pushing all tracks from the album, including ENEMY as far and wide as possible before Album 2 arrives in May 2023.

It’s an interesting story and certainly your inspiration is attention grabbing. This is one I haven’t heard before for sure as a sit down with war lords doesn’t happen every day. Gaining your inspiration from this and composing a song about it with this kind of depth takes skill. Love the lyrics and the way you came up with a visual on this single through lyrics. Aside from my hopes that you’ll be giving us a really cool video, the song can stand in its own and is significant. I love the project.