Originally written by Tiffany Thompson on electric guitar, pianist Brett William’s delicate and emotive studio performance was so compelling to her that Thompson included a 45-second instrumental outro on the final version. Thompson’s ethereal vocal performance puts a human heart behind this virtual love song. Regarding the creative process, Thompson says, “I had just finished watching the first season of Altered Carbon and wanted to write an antidote to the pain I felt in the story. I wanted to create a song about delicate, human love in this digital age.”

Tiffany Thompson- Simulation Love
Music Genre: Alternative, Electronic
Vibe: Moody, dance
Located in: North Carolina
Sounds like: Lizzy McAlpine, Japanese Breakfast

Tiffany Thompson’s ‘Simulation Love’ is a modern day love song with a compelling melody and elegant ethereal tone. Tiffanys vocal is fabulous with a lush delicate delivery that grabs you from the start. The song flows nicely throughout with beautiful landscape of sound and rhythmic progression. Brett William on piano adds an element of surprise and delights you with his beautiful yet light sprinkle of chime. This song is a real treasure.

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