Music moves so quickly yet all we want to be is inspired. Here’s our curators picks for the week of June 25 in Indie Music Newest Releases.

Our Top 10 Weekly is listed in order of voted points given by curators reviews of the music added to the Jax Daily : Morning Coffee Playlist curated by Jacqueline Jax. (Instagram)

Dax – Why So Serious?
(Big Room | Canada | 145 points)

This is next level hiphop. Dax is back with a new entry in his Joker music series that is changing the way HipHop fans experience the genre. The song continues with the mental health theme where Dax explores the concept from different viewpoints. Bolstered by an energetic backdrop provided by Lex Nour Beats, Dax vents his thoughts on his journey as an indie artist being overlooked in the industry as well as the effects of social communication issues. <watch the Video>

Dance Yourself Clean – Pull Me Down 
(Indietronica | United States | 136 Curator points)
This single is sure to be a favorite of the festival circuit this summer.Resplendent with the bright and sunny beats and a well textured mix that evokes a summer’s morning beside the sea, the track is full of a vibrancy that I think we all could use right now.

Becoming Young – Auburn 
(Singer Songwriter | United States | 124 points)
Indie-folk tune with beautiful backing vocals and a melancholy vibe, evoking the feelings of disaster after a breakup. Auburn makes you feel both pensive and inspired for a new beginning. He’s almost made moving on exciting experience like something you should savor.

WYATT – “Everything has changed”
Commercial | United States | 124 points)
-The glowing pop energy of this track stood out for me right away. There’s such a cool groove to this song that I couldn’t click away. The smooth groove is matched by a fantastic lead vocal that is right in that “sweet spot” of tone quality and steady movement. In a world with so many yell-singers, it’s nice to hear a clear, smooth, enjoyable lead singer for a pop rock outfit. The lyrics are about change — and after the year we’ve all had, it’s definitely a relatable concept. Throw this one on your playlist and I guarantee you’ll be dancing every time. <spotify>

Indigo FM – “Anhedonia”
(Alternative Rock- United States – 118 Points)

Evoking the feelings of determination, a shimmering coolness paired with the occasional break through of restrained emotion is what we love most about Indigo FM’s Newest single, ‘Anhedonia’. “We wanted to write about the search for meaning in everyday life and how sometimes you can feel powerless to control your surroundings.”

Dotty Blue – “Leaving”
(Alternative Pop – Sweden – 117 points)

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dotty Blue is a true force in the dynamic and diverse world of Blues, Electronic, and Rock music. A multi-genre talent, the rising artist, is driven and psyched to win hearts and souls with a refreshing and soulful new release, “Leaving”. Blending together the enriching and stirring genres of Blues and Electronic music, Dotty Blue’s new single is dominated by memorable lyricism and songwriting, which is bound to become a favorite for Blues and Electronic music fans. Dotty Blue’s music highlights the very polarities of life, dotted with highs and lows, delivered through striking and rhythmic compositions.

The Song Tailors – “Forever” features Irish singer Muireann McDonnell
(Jazz Singer Songwriter – Australia – 112 Points)

The song has a message about the connections between people and the earth we inhabit. If we treat each other and this great earth we live on with love and care, imagine how amazing we could be.  An upbeat jazz pop song with a cool groove, The Song Tailors newest single ‘Forever’ features the beautiful vocals of Irish singer Muireann McDonnell (who was Ireland’s junior Eurovision entrant in 2017) paired with a jazz band. 

Phoenix Fya – “Gassed up”
(Hip Hop – United States – 92)
‘Gassed Up’ is a spin on positive personal momentum. Gassed Up’ in its positive light to show how someone can be ‘Gassed Up’ on what they want to accomplish and that is great. 

Mi$tuh G & Mak7teen – “Smoke”
(HipHop – United States – 90 points)
Sacramento, California is a city rooted in hip-hop from the old school vets like C-Bo and Brotha Lynch Hung to newcomers like Mozzy. It ’s only natural that more hard-hitting artists would come out of the blossoming city. Their influences come from the artform itself. Things like flow and wordplay are the main inspiration for these two artists to keep pushing and deliver a fantastic verse each time.

Mi$tuh G & Mak7teen ‘Smoke’ is Sacramento HipHop hard-hitting and different

Greg Hoy – Messed up World
(Indie Rock- United stated – 89 Points)
We’re in a moment of inflection creating our new world with the fragments of culture past, hints of David Bowie and Prince.  The song is about the feeling of being always connected while feeling disconnected, and finding comfort in collecting tactile, tangible artifacts from the past — vinyl LPs, books, and art.  The new 6 song EP ‘Cacophony (Part 1)’ with the video for ‘Messed Up World’.