Artist: Ugly Melon

New Release:  Rainbow in the Dark

Genre: Hard rock / Metal /Rock /

Sounds like: Black Sabbath / Disturbed / Shinedown

Located in: Toronto Ontario Canada

Ugly Melon comes from an era of classic hard rock from the 70s Black Sabbath to today modern edge of Disturbed. We mix yesterday’s writing style with today’s modern sound. ‘Rainbow in the dark’ is a song written by Ronnie James Dio back in 1983 from the Holy Diver album, the Original song was an up yet simple song.

We put our Ugly Melon twist to it and made the song a more Modern ballad anthem.

The Song is as relevant today as it was yesterday. The feeling of being alone and rejected but your really a rainbow in the dark. When doing such an epic song like this that was a huge hit for Dio, you’ve got to make sure you don’t butcher the song.

When I was thinking of the arrangement I was thinking about how I might make it different, Stairway to Heaven came on the radio and that was it.

The Music we create comes first off doing the music we want to do and not thinking about if it’s going to get signed or get airplay. We want to be real and say here it is to enjoy. Our new album ‘Just a Man’ is a piece of work we are proud of and love hearing it every time.

Being real with your music is key. People will hear that and climb aboard for the ride to become fans and spread the word.

Music is medicine for the soul, the escape from reality for a while, the vision of a live epic performance with visuals on a big screen making it a rock concert to remember that’s what inspires us.

Right now we are…

Ugly Melon will be releasing a video soon probably on Halloween song called ‘If You’re Wrong’. A song about questioning and challenging religious beliefs and to be open-minded to others beliefs.


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