Tanner Usrey – Take Me Home

Release date: Aug 19, 2022

Genre: Country, Americana, Southern Rock / Red Dirt

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‘Take Me Home’ is not only a phrase but also a place. There comes a point in everyone’s life when they end up running to or from something or someone. ‘Take Me Home’ is about confronting that instance –  you do it because you know you need to.

Home is also more than just an address. Home can be a feeling, a smell, or a state of mind. As a touring musician, the road becomes home. Motels in the middle of nowhere, people who you encounter on your travels, and the life you experience across the world. ‘Take Me Home’ is an anthem and one that allows us to tackle life head-on, no matter where ‘home’ may be.”

Hailing from Prosper, TX, Tanner Usrey is a singer and storyteller with a vocal styling all his own. Since beginning his career, Tanners’ style has developed into a soulful, Americana-rock sound that heart-wrenching lyrics and soul-touching vocals provide the cherry on top of his unforgettable melodies and hard-hitting sound.

As Tanner continues to grow, he has performed at many notable venues and festivals across the nation and that momentum most recently landed his single “The Light” on the Season 4 finale of Paramount Networks’ hit TV show, Yellowstone.

His most recent release, SOL Sessions (2021), features 5 songs that showcase Tanners’ talents as a writer. His diverse artistry is juxtaposed with energetic songs like “Time Bomb” and softer, more intimate melodies as heard in “With You.” Tanner weaves together heartfelt lyrics that tell stories people will easily find themselves connecting with and thinking about long after the song stops playing. 

At the end of the day, Tanner Usrey’s soulful southern style and dedication to his craft create a space where audiences can’t help but listen.


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