SOULS ON FIRE is a genre of its own: a moody, orchestral pop ballad with an epic build featuring live orchestration, a haunting piano accompaniment, and the powerhouse rock-opera vocals of Mad Gallica.

A shadowy tale of a supernatural romance that spans lifetimes, SOULS ON FIRE inspires an auditory cinematic experience for the listener.

This genre-bending song was recorded and mixed at the Echo Bar in Los Angeles by Grammy-award winning team, Bob Horn and Erik Reichers. Mad Gallica collaborated with Duane Benjamin, arranger for American Idol and The Voice, to write and arrange the live strings.

I’ve always wanted to work with a full orchestra, and Souls on Fire was the perfect song to explore the powerful emotive resonance of live orchestral instrumentation. Going forward, this is the sound I wish to incorporate with my musical creations.

I’m excited to release our music video in the coming weeks. The video tells a tale of two souls bound together in a reincarnation cycle, returning life after life to heal their old wounds and “get it right” this time. We want to convey this story in the video by implying that the characters in these monster movies are indeed the same souls in different forms and in different lifetimes making the same mistakes over and over again. I’m also recording a new album of original songs by the end of the year.

Mad Gallica Souls on Fire inspires an auditory cinematic experience bending genres


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