‘Love in the City’ is a catchy and nostalgic tune that captures the essence of a youthful relationship, reminding us that the memories of a particular city and its place in our lives will always be with us. Alan’s music demonstrates his passion for creating music that’s both engaging and informative, and he undoubtedly has a bright future ahead as a musician.

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Cover Art

The colorful and abstract cityscapes and delicate artwork of Jacqueline Jax of AVA Live Radio are the perfect match for ‘Love in the City,’ and have been used for cover art. Alan has collaborated with Jax on many excellent music promotions over the past few years.

Alan Garmonsway

Alan is a musician based in the UK and has written, recorded and produced a wide range of songs and music. He plays keys, guitars, bass and percussion, so many of his recordings are played entirely by himself as well as providing vocals. Love in the City was recorded this way and he aims for a natural vibe for his music, has been Top Ten listed by World Songwriting Awards on eight occasions for different songs and categories.

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