Rock band The Refusers​ has an interesting new rock music video out..

Blasting through the establishment’s twisted goals, The Refusers perform songs of musical defiance. The Refusers speak today’s spirit of rage and simmering revolution against the establishment. 

The Refusers have opened for the Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Joan Jett, X, Jane’s Addiction, Black Crowes, Alabama Shakes, and The Flaming Lips.

‘My Body My Choice’ is a rock anthem about freedom! Freedom from Big Government, freedom from Big Pharma, freedom from phony pseudoscience, freedom from lockdowns, freedom from masks, and freedom from political dictators of all stripes.

This latest Refusers album Freedom Fighter arrives as the public’s temperature reaches the boiling point. 

Freedom Fighter finds The Refusers – including longtime Grammy-winning drummer Brendan Hill, engaging in fiery takedowns of the government and its entrenched systems. Aligning with battling those institutional forces, The Refusers speak for the little guys (and gals) fighting racism, police brutality, a broken healthcare system, big pharma, propaganda, and the lies of the mainstream media designed to keep the sheep grazing blindly. All this with blazing rock guitar tracks designed to rock your world.

This new Refusers album embodies the spirit of freedom from oppression: Freedom Fighter! Released on AWAL.