Band Name: R.I.C.O. FlyForeva

New release:  Party and Bull Shit

Genre  : Hip Hop and R&B

R.I.C.O. nicknamed by his peers due to his smooth skills on the Mic and suaveness with the ladies, stands for Respect, Intelligence, Cynical, and Outstanding; all outlining the traits that can be heard in his music. R.I.C.O. has released his new project entitled “BROOKLYN BOUND VIRGO (BBV)”. Writing his own lyrics, rapping, singing and arranging the music to create a sound that you automatically gravitate to. Hating to sound unoriginal, his unique rapping style pulls you into his lyrical stories of his life experiences and takes you inside of his mind. BBVwill have you undoubtedly rapping along with him.

​Instagram: @iamflyforeva
YouTube: FlyForevaHD
Purple Throne Music:


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