Artist: Lines & Laces

New Release: Look My Way

Genre: Folk-Pop. Acoustic-pop, Country, Folk-rock

Sounds like: : The Lumineers, Rascal Flats, Vance Joy, Simon and Garfunkel, Mumford & Sons

Located in: : Philadelphia, Pa

Look My Way‘ is about wishing the final goodbye could have been easier on both sides. One of the best lessons in life is to understand that you don’t let go of relationships because you stop caring, you let go because you start caring about yourself. It takes courage to make changes but peace always comes after the dust has cleared. 

 We are still trying to find our footing as artists in both our procedure and style. This is the first song we ever recorded together actually. Michael wrote the music first and then Tiff put lyrics to it. We originally wanted it to be a big folk jam a la The Grateful Dead. But we decided to cut it down and make a more of a pop-folk track. I think everyone has been in a friendship/relationship that they have had to end because of toxicity or abuse. We have all had that best friend who talked behind our back or got jealous of us or even took advantage of us. It’s hard but we have to learn to let go of people like that.