I’m an old school hip-hop head, but I do believe in evolution. I wanted this song to have a new school feel and still stay in my lane lyrically.

‘I Got That’ is a song of self-entitlement. In this business, you have to have that attitude.

Any profession you choose you should strive to be the best, otherwise what are you doing it for. I am the best at doing me. No one can do me like I do me. That’s what this song is about. The song itself is catchy. The beat is banging, and you definitely can rock to it.

I make music for everyone but for me, it’s all about being versatile and evolving. Working with different producers adds to my diverse sound. This song you may like and the next one you may not. You may say I sound like this person, and then I may give you a different vibe in the next song. Music speaks to me, it lets me know what to rap about and how I wanna rap. You can’t box in what doesn’t want to fit in.

A’One has the Power of Rhymes

“With a keen sense of timing and the skills to deliver what on top of mind, A’One has everything it takes to position himself as an influential artist in the Ohio hiphop scene.”  @JacquelineJax host of @AVALiveRadio