“I often experienced the urge to try to sound like someone else or to add specific elements in order to make my music more commercial, but I concluded that it does not work for me. It has to come naturally, and I have to feel good about what I make. “

I believe music is a matter of taste and preference. Therefore, it is up to the listeners themselves to interpret the track to see if they experience the same or something entirely different. All is possible, and to me, there is no right or wrong when listening to music.

When creating music, I let the sounds, ideas, mood, and current inspiration control me until a certain point, where it all turns, and I naturally take over the control.

When listening to the track, I get this sort of ghostly feeling, drifting or moving towards something, moving from one point to another. Around 3 minutes into the track, I get the sensation of having to cry or being sad. It sort of builds up “subconsciously” from the beginning of the track. During the course of the track, it only becomes stronger and stronger. But it stays like that, I do not cry, and then suddenly, towards the end, it stops, like a trigger to not cry, all the sadness disappears, and I mostly sit smiling afterward. Very weird, probably, but that is just how I feel. That is also why I want to release this track. I have (apparently) a very strong and powerful relation to this track without really knowing why. Maybe over time, I will discover why maybe never? 

Artist: Njordlyd

New release: Subconsciously

Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo: Soundscapes: Drone; Meditating; Chill Out; Experimental

Located in:  Den Haag, The Netherlands (but I am not from there, was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark).

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