Nikki Wishart – Spell it out to u

Genre: Pop Punk, Adult Contemporary

Similar artists: Gayle, UPSAHL, DYLAN

Soaked in sass, Nikki Wishart releases the new single ‘Spell it out to u’.  The fierce message to all narcissists who think “they are fucking saints.” 

Melbourne’s sonic poet unleashes a spirited indie-pop melody that stays true to her distinctive lyricism and authentic energy that leaves you empowered. 

The fourth release of 2022, Spell it out to u is skillfully composed (co-written by Noah Vernon and produced by SB90) and a powerful next step in the development of Nikki’s catalogue that narrates the importance of taking care of yourself first. Compelling, intimate and reflective, Melbourne storyteller Nikki Wishart expresses music of the heart – from the hope and the epic highs of connection to the pain and utter confusion of unlabelled and undefined love.

Infused with thoughtful lyricism and an innate, authentic energy, Nikki is dynamic in her approach; infusing raw indie and acoustic elements to paint soaring and honest portraits of passion and heartbreak. Taking inspiration from fellow singer-songwriters including Holly Humberstone and Chelsea Cutler, Nikki’s musical style has an endearing sincerity that is only conjured by those who are committed to expressing universal emotions and creating connection with each and every one of her listeners.

A natural sonic poet, Nikki Wishart is one to experience in 2022 and beyond.