Artist: Nat Berhanu
New Release: The Realist

Genre: #Trap #Pop

Located in: : England

This song is…
Trap is Hip hop in a way. The genre’s is what’s hot at the moment. Total Electronica. Created , produced, recorded. etc.. Lately I listen to the top 50 on spotify, tidal. House Music, Drum & Base, Dubstep I have released, I am now ready to release what is current. The title reflects how life has been so far #TheRealist is about facing what is in front of us and winning and moving on. Not to be afraid. Be strong and courageous and giving hand to those that need it. All these artist now are my heroes.


The music we are creating is…
#Trap music is what is hot now. Song writing, with lyrics, more electronica releases. Everything is possible as I see it.

Right now we are..
 I released a 28 track album. After 20 million streams, I am finding ways to sell it. I have been recording daily since 2016. A brief gap. I have a lot of music to release in due time.