This is living waters group vocals at their best, ‘god is with us’ our christian rock Christmas classic with special unique features.

Greg does hammer-on harmonics on the electric: unique but perfect for the song. Also, Mark composed a keyboard riff for Mike, and he transformed that riff into the contrapuntal magic that you hear. It is among his best work. Mark didn’t know how to end the song but old Friend Reece McGilvray told him the poor shepherd should go back to his ordinary valley, but HE is changed. And so it is. “But I know Heaven is breaking through”. The Gospel comes to us where we are and opens the power of grace to us in our ordinary life.

This was one of our staples for Christmas concerts for decades, the Living Waters sound somehow, but it is also unique for all its special features, perfect for Christmas.

This is Living Waters group vocals at their best, ‘God is With Us’ our Christian Rock Christmas Classic with special unique features.

Living Waters The Joy emphasizes the ‘Reason for the season: the Joy to the World!  <more info>