In the world of music, certain songs have the power to inspire us, uplift our spirits, and help us navigate through the challenges of life. “Listen To Your Heart” by Kdessa is one such song. With its captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics, this pop-infused soulful track serves as a powerful reminder for all of us to reconnect with our inner selves and pursue our dreams. In this blog post, we will explore the story behind the creation of this song, its profound impact on the artist, and the anticipation surrounding its official release.

Finding Strength in Self-Reflection

As Kdessa shares, “Listen To Your Heart” was born out of a period of uncertainty and introspection in her personal and professional life. Feeling disconnected from her passion for music and her own happiness, she found herself at a crossroads. However, like a guiding light, this song emerged as a lifeline, offering her the strength and motivation to persevere. It served as a wake-up call, urging her to embrace her true calling and pursue her dreams of creating soulful music.

A Melody That Resonates

The power of “Listen To Your Heart” is not only felt by the artist herself but has already gained recognition from industry professionals. Renowned figures such as Michael Jones, Black M, Zaho, and Natalia M. KING have all commended the song’s artistry and message. Additionally, the song has been given a test run with over 15,000 fans eagerly awaiting its official release. Such early enthusiasm speaks volumes about the song’s potential to touch the hearts of listeners and inspire them to embrace their own aspirations.

An International Blend of Influence

One of the most unique aspects of Kdessa’s music is her ability to seamlessly blend different languages and cultural influences in her compositions. With roots in Guinea Bissau, her parents’ homeland, Kdessa incorporates English, French, and Manjak into her lyrics, creating a rich and diverse musical experience. Drawing from a range of genres such as pop, soul, and Afro rhythms, her music effortlessly complements her powerful and captivating vocals. Artists like Aretha Franklin, Emeli Sandé, and Inna Modja have played a significant role in shaping Kdessa’s musical style.

As we eagerly await the release of “Listen To Your Heart” on May 16, 2023, it is evident that this song holds immense promise. Kdessa’s personal journey of rediscovery and her ability to craft a melodic tribute to self-reflection and following one’s dreams make this track a must-listen. So, dear readers, let us take a moment to connect with our own hearts, listen to our deepest desires, and bravely chase our own musical aspirations. In the words of Kdessa herself, “Listen To Your Heart” and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.