Artist: Kristin Moura
New Release: Tidal Wave

Genre: Pop

Located in: : Boston, Ma

Tidal Wave is about how we experience life and what goes on around us. There are so many obstacles that we all have to face on a daily basis. Even though there are so many things “crashing down” around us; we can still be lifted from the ground and still come out on top. So much of what goes on in life can either bring us down or up and it’s up to us to decide that path. The song is an upbeat reminder to stay positive throughout all the crazy

Tidal Wave came about lyrical from all the different experiences I came across trying to get where I am today. There were so many obstacles holding me back; and I felt I couldn’t break free of the people around me . One day I said; I’m not waiting anymore and set out to find my own path and direction. I’ve since felt I am on my own journey and following the paths I want to pursue.


What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it? 
Once of the biggest obstacles I had at the beginning was not telling people no. Not having a voice to say what I wanted. The amount of frustration I had with my voice being changed; was overwhelming, I just had no words(No pun intended) ha! Ever since I started working with new people I started to pick up new vibes and gained a new found confidence in what I want to accomplish. I’ve been a part of the projects since day 1. My vision is finally seen in my newer work and I think it shows vocally too. I just feel more engaged and happier in the material I am putting out now.

What’s ahead…
For the last couple months I have actually been pitching my music to sync opportunities and artists. I currently have a “maybe” from two different artists. Regardless of the outcome; i’ve got a win on my hands because it means what I have been working on is being heard and people are taking to it! So it is safe to say songwriting has been a major part of my journey.