I lost my mom (4 years ago now) to metastatic breast cancer my senior year of high school. She dedicated her life to helping others, and ever since her passing, I have made it my mission to give back through my music.

This song is all about coming to terms with where you are and knowing that it’s alright not to be alright. it’s about being “ready” to keep going.

I released my debut album on her birthday, and a portion of every stream and CD sale goes directly toward childhood cancer research (a cause that was close to her heart).

“Ready” is the first song on my debut album, “Exit Fo[u]r.” I wrote it a few years after my mom passed – I was going through a rough time mentally, and I couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t until after writing this song that I understood why – I never fully processed what had happened. I poured my focus into supporting my family, finishing up school, exploring my first real relationship, and starting a new chapter of life away from home, at college.

Julianna Sweeney Digs Deep and Gets Personal on New Single ‘Ready’ www.avaliveradio.info/featured/julianna-sweeney-ready

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