One of the most real songs of 2022. Jon Hannz has put into words what many are thinking about this past 3 years. It’s connected to culture with a full album to say the things that need to be said.

‘Agree’ talks about how the system wasn’t created equally for all people of this world and how change needs to happen but education must first be in place before true change can start. 

Agree! Man there is so much in this song. It’s my opinion of what’s going on in this world and how it was set up. It’s time to stop worrying about race and who did what. There is a bigger common problem and it’s the system that divides us.

It’s all bullshit, these people set us up and used a strategy called divide and conquer to keep us blind while they get billions and destroy our world. We’re too strong to be sheep people wake up.

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“Amongst my demons” is a pure hip hop album not old school but new school grown man music. I wanted a full body of work to play from 1-17 as a smooth calm conversation that can be listened to with a message. I wanted an album for an adult crowd, I’m not trying to be cool or fit in. It’s what I feel the world needs to hear. A lot of people are complimenting this as if they never heard anything like this and I guess that’s great! My goal is to always make relatable music that never gets old.

Hannz is currently presenting his most anticipated, most desired body of work. Hannz says this is his best work ever. After previewing this album I am convinced, Jon Hannz is the definition of an MC. He divulges in content, intricately combines life concepts with his narrations. We have all been waiting for true Hip-Hop, a timeless album and now we have it.

On May 17, 2022, Jon Hannz released “AMONGST MY DEMONS” with the leading single “Love Never Dies”. Hannz takes this album over the bar. I’d advise everyone to go and get this album, available on all digital platforms: iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Pandora etc.