Showing off his piano skills, Jon Hannz drops his first single from the A.T.L.I.G album. It has everything we loved from popular hip hop artists with the signature Hannz fire as he arrives back home to his creative roots. It’s great to see you back again Jon.

Artist: Jon Hannz

New Release: Home

Genre: Hip hop

Located in: : Atlanta Ga

It’s the first song off the A.T.L.I.G album dropping 8/7. The song is about hip hop telling me to come home. I got to a point where the industry made me hate rapping, but she said to come back home and do what you’re good at and leave everything that’s not me alone.

I do that soulful, storytelling, motivational hip hop. That hip hop where you knew what I The song was about. That hip hop that you can listen to 10 years from now. I think we call it music! When you hear nas or jay-z, Kanye, or Phil Collins you valued music not just something that comes and goes.

I’m excited about the album. It is very important to my heart and the acronym means after the love is gone. So if you go to iTunes or anywhere music is sold you will see love life and commitments 1,2,3. That was all about showing love to people and hip hop and my personal life, now A.T.L.I.G is saying no more! It’s time for me to build me so from the being to the end it’s all true and it’s just me and one of the best albums I ever have done!


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