Jennifer Alvarado’s debut EP is on trend with the recurrence of early 2000’s trends, especially the lead single “Playing With Fire,” which the EP is titled after. Alvarado’s voice is reminiscent of Alanis Morissette. It has grit, emotion, and an overall tone of what it takes to be a leading lady in the pop music world. “Playing With Fire” sounds like it’s straight from the early days of 2000’s teen dramas like One Tree Hill or Laguna Beach, but in the best way! The lead-up to the intense chorus, the acoustic guitar, and the lyrics all make me feel like I’m watching the two main characters try to navigate their relationship while this song plays in the background.

Alvarado’s lyrics reflect how she knows the person she likes is bad for her, but she’s willing to take a chance if the other person is too. She also sings about how her and her love interest have a connection where words don’t even have to be spoken. In the chorus she sings, “Now I’m lookin’ at you, lookin’ at me/ Never seem to have to say anything ‘cause I know what you’re thinkin’.” With a connection like that, how could you not want to play with fire?!

The best part of the song is the ending chorus when the intensity really picks up with the electric guitar in the background, signifying the intensity of Alvarado and her love interest’s connection and their relationship. Alvarado has the traits of a true artist. She knows how to convey not only the emotion and the story of the song through the lyrics, but through the way the music sounds and how the rhythm plays. That is something that’s hard to find in songwriters today.

You can now listen to “Playing With Fire” the single and the eight song EP on Spotify and Apple Music! 

Review by : Maggie Plotzke

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